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30355 S 4230 Rd
Inola, OK, 74036
United States

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About Carl

Carl Parson grew up on the south side of Oklahoma City. When he was four years old his father was tragically killed in a car accident leaving his mother and siblings without any way to make ends meet. Working odd jobs, he made it through high school and worked as a carpenter for ten years. He and his wife Linda of 37 years moved to Inola in 1990 and nine years later launched Inola Portable Buildings, a small business that has become a staple in the community on Highway 412 just outside of Inola.

At 19-years-old Carl's life changed. An old-time preacher had taken an interest in him and sought him out while he was working with him at a freight dock in south Oklahoma City. One evening as they waited to go to work, the old preacher invited Carl to dinner to Lea's Skyline Restaurant.  Carl agreed and as they waited for their food the jukebox got hung up on "Amazing Grace" sung by Judy Collins. After a while, Carl said something that he had never said before in his whole life, he asked to pray. Not knowing what to do, he asked the preacher how to say a prayer. As the conversation progressed Carl felt that he knew what needed to be done. That night, Carl Parson gave his life to Jesus Christ. 

Growing up, Carl's mother Juanita taught him that the only way out of poverty was hard work. He knows first-hand that real prosperity comes from doing the right thing and being a good steward of what the Lord gives you. True wealth doesn't come from the government, it comes from late nights, early mornings, and long days. Since its founding, Carl has run his small business completely debt free giving him the opportunity to take care of his family without being weighed down by debt. His hard work and sacrifice has developed into a reputation of taking care of others and giving back to the community. He know's what it is like to do without today, so that tomorrow will be blessed.

A few years ago, the diner where Carl's life changed went out of business. For nearly 60 years the booths had never been moved despite multiple renovations. When he heard the news, he drove to Oklahoma City and bought the booth that he sat in all those years ago. It now sits in his office just outside of town as a constant reminder that no matter where we come from, God can change everything.