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The Budget

Currently fifty-three cents of every dollar we spend as a state comes from the federal government. That means that when it comes to implementing our own solutions to our problems, state leaders usually have to get permission from Washington to make a difference. In an effort to make our state more competitive they have reduced taxes. The challenge is that they have not reduced spending. In fact, we now spend more as a state than at any other time in our history. We then balance the difference by getting more money from Uncle Sam, or passing it to our children and grandchildren in bonded indebtedness. 

I have always run my business debt free. I understand how to sacrifice today, so that tomorrow will be sustainable. As a small business owner, I know what it is like to sign both sides of a paycheck and wait to cash it until my employees are taken care of. I am a fiscal conservative because experience has taught me that responsibility matters. It matters because what we borrow to ease the pain of today will only crush our children when we pass our state to the next generation. I believe that we need a truly balanced budget that respects the state constitution and restores the future to our children and grandchildren.