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Inola, OK, 74036
United States

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The Authority of the states

The US Constitution is built on personal responsibility. The very nature of our system of government depends on the states to create competition and reflect the beliefs and traditions of their people. I believe that the states have the authority to determine what they want their cultures to be. In 1932, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis described each state as a laboratory of democracy. 

I believe that Oklahoma has the authority and the right to determine its own direction. That the best public policy is that which is closest to the people. For decades we have resisted this authority because national leaders on the left have made it sound foreign to us when the exact opposite is true. The States were made to govern themselves, and only in cases of inter-state conflict was the federal government meant to intervene.

We can no longer wait, or expect Washington to fix our problems. We have to make sure that we have Oklahoma solutions so that we can preserve who we are as a state and determine our own future.